Binjiang instrument and after-sale service center

We have a professional after-sales service department, when you encounter a product failure, please contact the local distributors or direct to our after-sales service department. We will provide services as soon as possible. Provide professional advice, maintenance, repair services for customers. We have strict, efficient and professional maintenance team to ensure the good for the users. Good pre-sale and after sale services, provide users with information about user performance and usage requirements before ordering. Timely improve product performance according to user needs and continuously improve product quality.
1. Failure of the product
When you purchase a product malfunction, we can provide fault identification service. When the Engineer determines the type of failure, it is up to you to decide whether to repair it.
2. Delivery service
The warranty of the product needs to be sent directly to the maintenance department of our company. The user is responsible for the cost of the round-trip. After the maintenance, we will charge you time and material charges according to the warranty card Ordinance (the warranty card is exempted from the warranty, we will not charge it); when you pay the fee to the account, we will be at the first time after the receipt. Please send the maintenance products and charge vouchers to you.
3. Site maintenance
If you are around us, you will be more able to enjoy our good service; you can send the product to our maintenance personnel in a short time after the failure; in a very short time, we will check the maintenance of the product and deliver it to you to continue to use it.
After sale service promise
First of all, thank you for your trust and support for our company. In order to enable you to get better after-sales service and safeguard your rights and interests, we have made the following commitments:
1, Binjiang instrument products provide users with warranty services within one year from the date of purchase. During the warranty period, the failure of the company was confirmed by the professional personnel of the company. The company gave free repair, replacement of components and maintenance service.
2. Over the warranty period, the maintenance fee will be charged at the time of repair.
3. During the warranty period, the following components are charged:
A, damaged components and burned circuit boards due to improper user use or unexpected calamities.
B, non "Binjiang instrument" special professionals start, check, refit, etc.
C failure to comply with instructions specified in operation.
4, products that have stopped production for more than 5 years and non "Binjiang instrument" products are not maintained and repaired.
5, due to the maintenance of the freight, the user takes care of it.
6, the functional accessories and consumables of the battery, safety pipe, pencil, clip and so on are not free.
After-sale service telephone:(0755) 27952657 | (0755)27851571

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